Sunny day... cruising in Barcelona

Este sabado nos fuimos de cruising con los 2 amiguetes de N2C... aunque normalmente no aceptamos 4x4´s tambien se vino Ferran con su bus, jejejejeje. Ahí van unas fotos!


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cool very nice holidays for the N2c
coooooooool !!!!!

Écrit par : bleu | 05/09/2007

very very nice. trop cool!

Écrit par : zwitter-barn37 | 06/09/2007

Thanks!!! Ola Carlos!!

thanks for all,a real pleasure to see you in Vilanova!!!

return at home without problems.........cool!!!

and see you next time!!!!

ps: the Razor.....a very good car !!!!!good choice!!

Écrit par : Pat | 07/09/2007

hello hello from COS ( greak island ) , cool pat and wil in barcelona with us cars . see you in september . i go drink to the bar jejejejeje ... rouge

Écrit par : rouge | 07/09/2007

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